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April Fitness Friend Spotlight! Meet Angelina!

“I decided to work with Julie Anne in order to age powerfully, and not exactly ‘gracefully’, which is what you always hear. She has a real heart for what she does and it is life-changing. I've always had skydiving on my "bucket list" and that's the specific goal we've worked towards during our time become confident enough in my own body and its capabilities, that I wouldn't think twice about jumping from an airplane (at my age)!
The biggest gain I have felt with this process? Empowerment! Not only physically, in learning correct posture and breathing skills, but mentally...a confidence and boost to my self-esteem that I haven't had in a very long time. I'm stronger...body, mind and spirit, and it shows up in my life every day.
My biggest takeaway is that I'm capable of so much more than I thought I was; that there is no need to sit idly by and let aging overtake me. Getting older is inevitable, but aging is optional-and my option is to challenge it and be a better person for it!
I recommend this program to everyone I know...not just those who are getting older. What I've learned from Julie Anne in our short time together can (and should be) part of everyone's wellness plan, regardless of age. In fact, if I'd known this information in my 20s, I'd be way ahead of the game now in my 60s! Julie Anne starts with you wherever you are, like every great coach, but when you finish, you're both winners!”


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