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Tami, 59, Barber/Stylist

"I have been a barber/stylist for 16 years, therefore I am constantly bending and leaning over people. I’ve had sciatica and a tight low back for years, and had a ‘knot’ in my shoulder. I met Julie Anne at a gathering, where she demonstrated a couple of simple techniques. To my astonishment, in a matter of just a few minutes my shoulder had more range than it had in a very long time. I have always exercised, but I was still looking for the blueprint of ‘how to be more fit’. I knew I needed more flexibility and wanted to feel and stay young. The process that Julie Anne teaches has done just that and more. I no longer have any kind of stiffness or discomfort. I used to work out really hard and push my body, so probably the biggest surprise as we move into more challenging exercises, is that I am learning just how alignment breathing and control makes the exercises not only more challenging, but my strength gains are greater than ever before. These subtle changes to my posture and the way that I am exercising now has made me more mobile and certainly more confident. I am very excited about my progress, and I always look forward to my fun sessions with Julie Anne. If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level, this is the program I highly recommend! "

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