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January Fitness Friend Spotlight - Meet Joan!

I hired Julie Anne because I felt I was at a big turning point in my health. I needed real help and was not finding it in other alternative health services. I’ve had three surgeries in the past two years, one of which resulted in throwing my gait way off.  I was weak and not able to exercise, and at sixty-nine years old, feared that these conditions might be permanent.
My fitness class group leader told me about Julie Anne, so I had a strong intuitive sense that she would be able to help me recover. The biggest gain after three months is that I am now able to walk at a steady and fast pace. I feel strong on my morning walks with my husband, and I am able to once again fully participate in exercise classes. Also, the pain in my shoulders is now receding. This IMS process Julie Anne teaches gives you a way to improve on a daily basis, a process to recover all parts of your body in an incremental way that I can implement myself. I am thrilled to have found it! Julie Anne is a master at this work. Her caring and concern for her “fitness friends” is evident in all of her interactions.
If you are someone who is committed to being healthy and fit in your later years, give Julie Anne a few months to learn for yourself how she can help recover your body’s strength and stamina.

-Joan B.


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