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Spring into Fitness Starting Now

Spring is here! And whether you’ve been staying active all winter or not, it’s not too soon to start thinking about amping up your exercise routine and paying more attention to your diet.


Here are some tips to have in mind and put into practice.


1. Lift weights. Strength training is good for your bones, your balance, and preventing age-related loss of muscle, which leads to all sorts of problems.

2. Hit the trails. Enjoy your town’s walkability features on trails or parks by walking, jogging, or biking.

3. Eat fresh. Farmers markets are a great way to eat fresh and eat local, and to be sure you’re getting all the necessary nutrients.

4. Strong for gardening? If you love working in the yard, then you need to be strong and have the endurance and flexibility to do it. We’ll help get you ready.

5. Keep your regular appointments. Have you checked in with your doctor lately for Rx refills – and a discussion about seasonal allergies that might be coming back? Resist the urge to shrug off the dentist, the eye doctor, and others who help keep you moving.

6. Set a date. Schedule a 5K, or a picnic with friends, or a drive to a scenic spot for hiking.


Spring is here, and we’re here for you. Let’s talk.


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