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Here’s A Trend We’re Happy to Lead

We’ve been in the fitness industry long enough to have seen countless trends come and go.


Anyone remember country hip-hop aerobics?


Or the classic neon-colored headbands and tights of the 1980s?


Fortunately, they weren’t all ridiculous. Sometimes trends indicate important movements that get more people excited about improving their lives through regular exercise, which we always support.


And now we’re cresting a trend that couldn’t be more exciting or relevant.


It’s the growing impact of fitness for mature adults, recognizing the growing market and needs of people in midlife and beyond.


In fact, this year it’s No. 3 on an annual ranking of the world’s most important fitness trends published by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).


“Many Baby Boomers are entering retirement and adopting a lifestyle that focuses on fitness,” the ACSM says.


It’s bigger than just Baby Boomers, too, encompassing people now in their 40s and 50s, as well. But there’s no denying this: The number of Americans 65 and over rose by 38% between 2010 and 2021 – and it’s predicted to continue that way through 2040.


People are living longer, and they know they need strength, agility and endurance to enjoy their favorite activities, remain independent, and stay healthy.


Just like you! If you’re reading this, it’s because you, too, know that staying active is the key to staying healthy both physically and mentally.


And, as the ACSM survey has showed in recent years, it’s crucial to providing essential social interaction, as well.


People stick with exercise when it’s fun and when it provides a connection they lack.


We’ve known all of this for a long time, of course. And we want you to see the value in this kind of research. It shows you’re not alone in seeking to live your best life through fitness.


So, we’re also excited about No. 14 on the list of fitness trends for 2024: functional training, which focuses on improving balance, coordination, strength for ordinary activities, and endurance for the everyday life outside the gym.


Functional fitness is ideal for a range of fitness goals, whether you want to:


•  Achieve athletic excellence or just maintain a healthy weight…

•  Travel the world with confidence or just play with your grandkids…

•  Or simply feel better, move better, and look better while making your doctor and spouse happy.


If those are “trendy” concerns, then we are happy to be considered “cool.”


We’d even wear neon legwarmers again!


The Rest of the Top 20 Fitness Trends


1. Wearable Technology

2. Worksite Health Promotion

3. Fitness Programs for Older Adults

4. Exercise for Weight Loss

5. Reimbursement for Qualified Exercise Professionals

6. Employing Certified Exercise Professionals

7. Mobile Exercise Apps

8. Exercise for Mental Health

9. Youth Athletic Development

10. Personal Training

11. Lifestyle Medicine

12. Outdoor Fitness Activities

13. Health/Wellness Coaching

14. Functional Fitness Training

15. Yoga

16. Exercise Is Medicine

17. Traditional Strength Training

18. Data-Driven Training Technology

19. Online Personal Training

20. High-Intensity Interval Training


At Your Movement Solutions, we specialize in #3, #4, #7, #8, #10, #13, #14, #16, #17, #19 and #20. Call us today and let’s get started on building your best life.


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