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Fitness Should Be Functional

Have you ever heard the statement, "how you do anything is how you do everything?"

The above statement is a critical theory when applied to how you work out. If you perform 10s to 100s of squat repetitions incorrectly, the likelihood of you squatting incorrectly in your everyday life is relatively high. When you squat with an incorrect form, you risk injuring your knees, hips, back, as well as other joints over time.

It would seem essential to invest the time, energy, effort, and possibly money to learn how to squat or perform any exercise correctly.

The picture above is from my recent social media post, which is another excellent exercise that can train for many daily activities when performed correctly.

Often clients will complain of knee pain going up or downstairs. Starting with proper training of the split squat, moving into a step-up pattern will help you learn how to move your body correctly with good joint alignment to decrease the likelihood of injury and increase lower body strength.

Insider Tip

When performing the split squat, step up, or going up the stairs, you want to make sure your weight is over your whole foot, not just in the heel. Also, note in the photos how the model has the body going forward, which will help bring the weight through the entire foot.

Exercise should help us move and feel better far beyond the time the endorphins wear off.

If you have questions about how to execute a particular exercise, or how to perform your exercises correctly (to help you move well through your life activities), please reach out. We are here to help.


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