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Are You Ready for the Summer?

Peter likes to run the trails in his neighborhood and work out on equipment in the park.


Maria is crazy about hiking with her weighted backpack.


And Joe rides his bike as often as possible, even to the grocery store and his favorite watering hole.


These are just three of the responses we received recently when we started asking people what kinds of activities they enjoy outside of the gym.


We believe working out with us is important and can improve your life in countless ways.


And one of them is being able to get outside and enjoy yourself more, with the confidence that comes from the strength, agility, and endurance we help you develop.


Time Outside Is Healthy


Living the way you want is one of the main values of functional fitness, and everybody has their own individual goals. But time spent outdoors is good for us and might even help us live longer, according to research in the Lancet Planetary Health.


It says that being around greenery improves longevity for folks who live in cities.


  • Parks, for instance, give us space to move our bodies and play, which is good for us in countless ways – from lower blood pressure to calmer moods.

  • Trees reduce noise and improve air quality.

  • Another study reported that women near green spaces had lower rates of death from kidney disease, respiratory disease, and cancer.


New York and Paris are among the globe’s top metropolises adding greenery, at least partly to add years to residents’ lives. The French capital even wants to make a third of its public green spaces into sustainable farms, complete with chickens and beehives. Many in cities everywhere can enjoy the benefits of grass and trees in parks or back yards. Some trails have activity stations that encourage calisthenics and stretching along the way, like the ones Peter enjoys. The point is, fitness in the gym helps you enjoy fitness outdoors for all kinds of activities. And that sunshine on your shoulder makes everything just a little bit easier.


A Big Bike Trip


What are you most excited about as we head to summer?


· Maybe it’s just being outside in the sunshine, walking the dog and working the yard.


· Being able to travel to see friends and family who live far away?


· Maybe you’re itching to spend more time on the golf course or pickleball courts.


Chris is one man with big outdoor fitness plans for the summer.


After working out at a gym for years, he has taken up biking, with a group and on his own, three or four times a week. This followed time spent running, hiking, climbing, and paddling at a local park that has a range of activity options.


Now he’s ready:


“I’ll turn 63 on a big ride out West, somewhere in the backwoods of Montana,” he says proudly, part of a 2,400-mile, off-road ride down the Continental Divide.


Chris knows: When you’re fit, you’re ready for anything.


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