My story really begins as an overweight child. Growing up, I ate sugary foods daily, was sedentary, and I was the second largest child in school. As a young adult, I was concerned about my weight, so I joined an aerobics class, and it was then, that I fell in love with movement!

Julie Ann McGready, Your Movement Solutions Co-Owner.

Fast forward a few years and 3 children later, I still struggled with my weight and sugar addiction. So, I decided to became an aerobics instructor. Shortly thereafter, and for the first time ever, I was finally in control of my weight. Exercise had helped change my life, and I could see how much it benefited my class attendees. I wanted to touch individuals on a more intimate level, so I then became a personal trainer.

Now I was really helping others strengthen like never before! Every year I went off to school to learn more, so that I could help my clients achieve better results. There was a major problem, though. I primarily serve the 50 and above crowd. The information out there was either geared towards the younger generation, or the extreme opposite, involved chair exercises, or it was information that you really couldn’t use.

Mostly, classes were about the next best exercise to train a particular body part. I mean, how many different ways do you need to work your abs? Meanwhile, my clients were getting older, and although they were getting stronger, they really didn’t look any different from what they did when they first had hired me. And they didn’t necessarily move better, in fact, they were getting tighter. I was not able to help them through joint issues or various other conditions. It really bothered me because I felt like I never had enough education. I was very frustrated.

Then I met Dr. Evan Osar, the developer of the Integrative Movement System, which is a very specific process of posture, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Finally, education that made sense, and that actually worked! This is the system that I’ve been trained in and specialize in, to help individuals not only exercise and move more efficiently, but they actually look different. They look better. They feel better. They are stronger and have better balance and stamina. They have better lives. And I am finally in a happy place, knowing that I am providing these folks with the best process to longevity!