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We help women over 50...

Achieve Pain-Free Movement + Strength

So They Are Free To Do Everything They Want To With Confidence:



Keeping up with Grandkids

and More!
​In Just 2 Short Workouts Per Week
Using the IMS Process

Finally Have the Confidence and Freedom to do Everything You Want to do

Here's Our Process To Help You Get Started And On Your Way To
Moving Pain-Free + Gaining Strength
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Hear what our Fitness Friends say about us:

"The biggest gain I have felt with this process? Empowerment! Not only physically, in learning correct posture and breathing skills, but mentally...a confidence and boost to my self-esteem that I haven't had in a very long time. I'm stronger...body, mind and spirit, and it shows up in my life every day.

My biggest takeaway is that I'm capable of so much more than I thought I was; that there is no need to sit idly by and let aging overtake me. Getting older is inevitable, but aging is optional-and my option is to challenge it and be a better person for it!"

Angelina - Port Charlotte, FL
Meet  Trainer Julie Anne McGready
Hear what Fitness Friend Sharon Says:

What We Do And
What Sets Us Apart

We help our Fitness Friends
—who are individuals just like you—
Walk and Move Without Pain and become the best versions of themselves!
Are you interested in:
- Getting back into gardening?
- Travelling with confidence?
- Ability to play with your grandkids?

We'll set you up with your very own personalized training plan following the IMS process, which will allow you to move, exercise, and perform better, so you can be confident within your body again.
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