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We provide personal training services in Port Charlotte,
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Do you want the most out of
your exercise routine?

Take control of your health and fitness now – don’t let limitations hinder your active lifestyle!

Joint Health - Balance - Strength - Posture

We help individuals feel and move better. Whether your personal goals are to reach a higher level of fitness or simply become more active, we can help.

Private Training - Online Training - Small Group Training - Corrective Exercise

Based on your specific fitness needs, your personalized training plan will allow you to move, exercise, and perform better, with GUARANTEED Results!

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“I had Achilles tendon, shoulder and knee issues. Now I have incredible improvement in my overall fitness including balance, and I no longer require a knee brace when walking or golfing.

I am more fit and stronger than I have been in years, feeling energized, enthused, safe and confident in the knowledge and professionalism of my training sessions!”

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About Your Movement Solutions

We take pride in helping clients avoid unwanted surgeries, and providing answers to chronic conditions, where other services have been unsuccessful.

We find the underlying cause that may be holding you back from reaching your physical goals in work, life, play, or sport.

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We Are Integrative Movement Specialists™

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Integrative Movement System™ Embodying
The Integrative
Movement System™

We Are Committed To:

  • Educating and Empowering
    Our Clientele
  • Providing Exercise Strategies
    That Really Work
  • Delivering Meaningful Results
    Based On Clients' Needs
  • Leading With Proven Techniques
  • Serving Our Communities To Live
    Healthier Lifestyles

We Offer In-Home & In-Studio Personal Training
throughout Southwest Florida

North Port FL, Port Charlotte FL, Punta Gorda FL, Englewood FL, Sarasota FL,
Venice FL, Nokomis FL, Osprey FL, and Surrounding Communities.

And Online Services Nationwide!

Covid-19 Update: We're open, providing all services, and monitoring all CDC guidelines and recommendations.
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